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With our all-inclusive and compréhensive event management services tailored to meet your specific needs, our expertise spans various domains

Technical supply

A Full supply chain services for your event including analysis of the project, environment, needs, budget, and quotation, tailored setup, and assistance

Sound equipment

Sound system available for 10 to 15,000people working with FBT, Turbosound, Bose, and our network of brands and suppliers

Light equipment

From classic light equipment to special setup for any type of project

Video equipment

Screen, video projectors, and TV multi-projection system for small to large gatherings

Side equipment like furniture, special requests

Red carpet, balloons, plants, and all piece ornament / tailored equipment and accessory on demand

Set up And/Or Rental

Set up And/Or Rental for each project possible on the quotation


Sound design of spaces

environment analysis, trends, wishes and theme, research, and creation of sound identity for the project

Light scenography outside/inside

scenography of your space, research, conceptualization, and creation of tailored light show

Video motion design and live show

creative process, evaluation of the request, definition and conceptualization, artwork, digital creation through professional software like Adobe AfterEffects, and Final Cut Pro

Music Production

on demand. Evaluation of the project, guidelines, and request on the theme analysis. Creation, mixing, and Mastering with professional software like ABLETON LIVE SUITE, Pro tools


Conceptualization/Creation/management of part And/Or full aspects of each project

From 10 to 15K people size project possible

BToB/BToC avalaible consulting services

Flexibility on the type of projects accepted: Corporate event/Public and Live event/Associative event/Private event

PR & Communication services

Our two central key axis of work are Value and Reputation. Bringing value by the construction of critical actions, events, advertisements, and promotional campaigns. Reputation comes with the development of comprehensive tools which will push further the evolution of your public image.

Branding development

analysis of the market, needs, target audience, growth strategy implementation, call to actions activities, event and marketing projects, local and global creation of partnerships with local and global influencers/public figures

Social hacking of your brand

community management, social interactions strategies, creation and growth of social media and digital presence

Photo/Video services

photoshoot, video clip realization, drone movie for your events and promotions

PR & communication consulting

PR & communication consulting on demand depending on the nature of the request and project

Physical mass media strategies

TV, radio, newspapers, physical banners, flyers marketing actions


public image analysis and research, implement actions to reach maximum growth

Environment Audit and Analysis

Environment Audit and Analysis of your structure and needs to address a precise answer


VIP, artists, public figures, international athletes brand partnerships, and social hacking with famous influencers on demand


Ronaldinho is considered the best player of his generation, having won TWO FIFA World Player of the Year, a Ballon d'Or, and a World Cup with Brazil, the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, and many others. A global icon of the sport and the master of the "Joga Bonito" style of play, he is renowned for his technical skills, creativity, dribbling ability and accuracy from free-kicks, his use of tricks, feints, no-look passes and overhead kicks, as well as his ability to score and create goals, all prominent characteristics of his early-age background playing futsal. As a brand ambassador, his community offers him a global platform with a powerful impact Sponsored by NIKE, PEPSI COLA, ES Sports, etc., he will provide you not only with an amazing impact with his name but his presence and skills will make a show. He was the World Cup Soccer 2022 ambassador.


A French football coach and former international professional player who played as a midfielder and legend of football! Blessed with an amazing career between Lyon and Chelsea, winning four consecutive Ligue 1 titles with the former and the UEFA Champions League in 2012 with the latter, among other honors. In the France national team from 2004 to 2012, Florent represented Les Bleus on 80 occasions (2 FIFA World Cups and 2 European Championships). He was part of the French team which reached the 2006 World Cup final. In 2017, he played for his home nation French Guiana. His class and style provide you with a dedicated brand partner, severe and professional, you will always lead the initiative and win the game!



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